Antti’s stage directing debut, Sushi Girls, went live in Theatro Technis London on 25-27 July 2019. A play by writer Tony Leliw tells a realistic but comical story about a two Japanese girls who come to England to learn English. Back-breaking stuff for their host family which has to bow to their every need.

Introducing Sushi Girls: Shizuko played by Rina Saito and and Ichika played by Shina Shihoko Nagai.

The host family of Sushi Girls, Anton and Anna, played by Mark Keegan and Kate Winder.


UktheNuke rescues a planet from mass destruction. Ukland gives up its nuclear weapons but then Huyland invades it. A super hero is born.

Comedystore, London

London Comedy Cafe

Queen’s Head, London

Charles Hotel, Perth, Australia

Torriano, London

Rudy’s Revenge, London

Happy Yess, Darwin, Australia