True stories about unconventional career choices by Antti Hakala

Flying above New Zealand’s capital dressed up as Santa Claus; speaking Danish in a feature film without knowing any Danish; writing a book about herring puns; motivating European retailers to work together rather than independently; walking a pug around Hyde Park; swinging Thor’s hammer around the area once known as the Eastern Bloc; performing stand-up comedy in the tropics; buying toasters directly from the Chinese; dancing as a Fruitman in The Alps; directing a play about the Japanese and cockneys; hosting a bed&breakfast in Sunshine Coast; body doubling David Beckham; and so on.

If you don’t know what you want to be when you grow up, then you’re not alone. On average, one person has thirteen jobs in a lifetime. I have already had over fifty and I still don’t know.

Despite all these weird and wonderful tasks I have performed during the first half of my journey to retirement, I never threw persons of short stature or took cocaine, at least, within the office hours. Hence, my stories below may not fully entertain those looking for something over-the-top sensational.

But they do create one, ridiculously lengthy cover letter that can leave even the most seasoned recruiters slightly baffled.