Antti’s first novel, The Lord of Herrings, is out now on Amazon. The ultimate 463-page tale of ice fishing heroes and anti-heroes will reveal a colourful Arctic world that no one knew existed. Suitable for adults and kids alike.

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stage directing

Sushi Girls, a second collaboration between the playwright Tony Leliw and Antti as the director, has been registered as an Official Event of the Japan-UK Season of Culture 2019-2020. The show is about two Japanese students coming to England to learn English. Back-breaking stuff for their host family which have to bow to their every need.



A spy parody inspired by the 1960s thrillers is collecting awards in the film festivals around the world.

Directed by Gavin Irvine.


Antti - or "Anti" - represents one of the minority groups in the entertainment industry, as well as within the world population: blond, Nordic male persons.

In 2007, "Anti" started as a stand up comedian and has performed since in clubs around Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand, as well as at Fringe festivals in Edinburgh, Melbourne and Adelaide.

His film and TV credits include playing Victor, the lead character Lucas's (Kim Kold) solicitor, in a drama comedy Requiem for a Fighter; Conor in an award winning short film 2:40 to London from the director Gavin Irvine; Richard Carpenter in the Channel 5 Autopsy documentary about his sister Karen of The Carpenters; and most recently, he teamed up with a group of talented stuntmen in an action film concept The Division to play a Russian gangster, Sergei Ivanov.

He has been a commercial face for brands like Converse, LA Whey, Ryobi and Intently. He has also body doubled many actors from Matt Smith (young Prince Philip) to David Beckham, Bear Grylls and Wyatt Russell. Since 2012, he has regularly portrayed various Marvel superheroes on live premiere shows and events across Europe.

In 2013, his pun rich writing was brought to life by his brother, Esa Hakala, colourfully illustrating Sven Comics. Since then, a decent-sized product range of three Sven Comics books, numerous greeting cards and yearly calendars have been published.

His first novel, The Lord of Herrings, was released for Christmas 2017.

Currently, he is directing a theatre production, Sushi Girls. The play about two Japanese students coming to England to learn English is Antti’s second collaboration with the playwright, Tony Leliw.

"A refreshing performance that provides good jokes on topics that aren't covered elsewhere."
"Darned funny."
-Funny Tonne, Melbourne International Comedy Festival

"A little bit different. Pleasant."
-Festival Freak, Adelaide Fringe



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