Trading Places

I would like to clarify one thing before anyone starts calling me a racist: I am not using the word expatriate in this article only because I am a white, North European immigrant, but this story is about a genuine expatriate deal when a company from my home country, Finland, sent me to work overseas for a certain, fixed period of time, with the intention of returning me back home once the assignment abroad had come to an end. […]

From a Pet Chauffeur to meet The Queen

I cannot thank the website Gumtree enough for offering me all these weird and wonderful opportunities. Some years ago, at halfway point on the journey to find myself, I stumbled upon a job ad that particularly stood out. An exclusive pet grooming service was looking for a chauffeur. It immediately caught my attention. It was something different. I knew I had the required skills: I can drive and I like animals. Yet, I wasn’t quite sure how to make my application noticed by the recruiters. Apart from the usual jargon on my cover letter about how much I adore dogs and cats, I decided to differentiate myself from other candidates by […]